Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Free by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Free by J.K. Rowling (read by Jim Dale)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Jim Dale
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Online


The unique begins with Harry seeing Frank Bryce being killed by Voldemort in a vision. He awakes from the discomfort originating from his mark. The following day the Weasleys take Harry and also Hermione to the Quidditch Globe Mug, using a Portkey. There, Harry fulfills Cedric Diggory, that participates in the game with his father, Amos. After the match, the Death Eaters, Voldemort’s followers, attack the site, triggering chaos. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Download. The Dark Mark obtains terminated into the skies, which causes panic considering that it’s the very first time it has actually been seen in over thirteen years. Winky, Barty Crouch Sr’s house fairy, is blamed for casting the Mark after she is located holding Harry’s stick, which was made use of to cast the Mark.

The triad returns to Hogwarts, where Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody will certainly be showing Protection Against the Dark Arts. Albus Dumbledore reveals that Hogwarts will hold the Triwizard Competition, just available to students over the age of seventeen, and also the reward for winning the competition is of one thousand gold Galleons. It is the very first time in two a century that the Tournament will certainly be held. Students from Beauxbatons Academy and also Durmstrang Institute, traveled to Hogwarts and also stayed the entire year during the completion.

Pupils that want to participate need to put their name in the Cup of Fire. On Halloween evening, the Goblet picks Fleur Delacour, Viktor Krum and Cedric Diggory, standing for Beauxbatons, Durmstrang, and also Hogwarts. The Cup additionally offers a fourth name, Harry Potter, causing conflict as well as suspicion since Harry is underage. Ron refuses to speak to Harry due to the fact that he is jealous that Harry is once again in the spotlight.

Hagrid informs Harry that the first task entails dragons, and Fleur and Viktor finds out about it. Harry informs Cedric of this info. The very first job, Harry needs to pass a Hungarian Horntail to get a gold egg, including a tip regarding the next job. Harry prospers by summoning his Firebolt broomstick with the Summoning Spell, and ends up the task connecting for starting point with Viktor. Ron fixes up with Harry after realizing the dangers of the Competition. When Harry opens the egg, it squeals noisally.

At the same time, a press reporter called Rita Skeeter is creating opprobrious short articles as well as false reports in the Daily Prophet about Hogwarts, Hermione, Harry, Hagrid, and the Headmistress of Beauxbatons.

The Yule Round is coming close to and also Harry has to bring a day, he approaches to his crush Cho Chang, but she educates him that Cedric had currently asked her. Jim Dale Harry at some point asked Parvati Patil and also Ron took her sis Padma. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook Online. During the Yule Round, Ron is shocked as well as envious to see that Hermione is participating in the Sphere with Viktor Krum. Cedric tells Harry that to open up the egg, he needs to take it to the prefects’ bathroom. Harry overlooks him due to his jealousy over Cho Chang.

Nevertheless, Harry takes the egg to the prefects’ restroom, where Moaning Myrtle tells him that he requires to hear it underwater. He realizes that the next task will happen underwater, so he began looking for spells which can permit him to take a breath undersea.

By the morning of the job, Harry hasn’t found a spell, however Dobby offers him Gillyweed, which have Harry gills. The third job took place in the Black Lake and also it involved saving the individual each person appreciates the most. Undersea, Harry looks at Ron as well as Hermione, unclear which one he is supposed to select. Viktor takes Hermione to the surface area. He finishes the job finishing in 3rd area by rescuing Ron from under the lake as well as conserving Gabrielle, Fleur’s sis. After the judges tallied the votes they awarded him 2nd place, giving him extra points for conserving Gabrielle.

One month before the final job, Harry and Krum are chatting when they come across Barty Crouch Sr, that aims to have gone insane, yet tells Harry to obtain Dumbledore. Harry mosted likely to try to find Dumbledore, leaving Viktor with Barty. When they return they discovered Viktor stunned and Barty missing.

Harry gets ready for the final job, a bush maze. Inside the maze, Harry is forced to immobilize Viktor, that had been bewitched in order to conserve Cedric. They both consent to win the Competition with each other by getting hold of the Mug at the same time. When they grab it they find that it is a Portkey that carries them to a graveyard. There, Peter Pettigrew eliminates Cedric, utilizes Harry’s blood, Tom Puzzle Sr’s bone and also his very own arm to reanimate Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort summons his Fatality Eaters, berating them for thinking that he was dead. He after that states that he just had one faithful servant at Hogwarts, who made certain that Harry would make it to the graveyard, he then tests Harry to the battle. During the duel, Harry and also Voldemort’s sticks link due to their similar cores. Voldemort’s wand releases one of the most recent spells preformed, resulting the looks of the ghost of his sufferers, consisting of Harry’s parents. Harry’s parents offered him a distraction so he could get away back to Hogwarts using the Portkey, taking Cedric’s body with him.

When he returns, Mad-Eye Moody takes him to his workplace where he reveals himself to be Voldemort’s slave. He confesses to placing Harry’s name in the Cup of Fire and assisting him with the competition guaranteeing his win. Prior to he can kill Harry, Dumbledore, Teacher McGonagall, as well as Severus Snape interfere.

We find out that Crouch Jr was punished to Azkaban by his dad over his loyalty to the Dark Mark, yet smuggled him out as a support to his passing away wife. Crouch Jr, was the one that took Harry’s wand as well as cast the Dark Mark at the Quidditch Globe, in order to scare Voldemort’s former fans. At some point, Voldemort entered into contact with him as well as had him impersonate Moody. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Audiobook – J.K. Rowling. He additionally admits to killing his dad, to avoid him from telling Dumbledore concerning Voldemort. The actual Alastor Moody is found inside Crouch Jr.’s captivated trunk. Lots of people, consisting of Cornelius Fudge, the Priest of Magic do not think Harry as well as Dumbledore regarding Voldemort’s return. He does the Dementor’s Kiss to Crouch Jr. Hermione discovers that Rita Skeeter is an unregistered Animagus, who took the type of a beetle, and also blackmails her.

Harry is proclaimed the winner of the Triwizard Tournament and also offers all his jackpots to Fred and George, who started their own joke shop. Harry returns home with the Dursleys.